• Disable configurable products without simple products linked
  • Trim admin configuration for API connection to prevent typos
  • Better multi-channel management
  • Import alternative text for image
  • Improve documentation
  • Add configuration to trigger native Magento Observer on product save
  • Allow multiple product import profile and different requests for websites
  • Manage category attributes “is_anchor” and “display_in_menu” with admin configuration
  • Fetch channels with Akeneo API in the website mapping
  • Improve URL rewrite insertion speed
  • Improve differential filter config with Akeneo date filters
  • Manage large number of attributes with MYSQL table limitations
  • Add attribute exclusion for import
  • Manage unit of measure import
  • Fetch non image medias to Magento
  • Allow usage of another identifier than the SKU to import product in Magento


  • Bundle product creation from Akeneo association
  • Import product groups in Magento
  • Import reference data in Magento
  • Custom entity management (Akeneo 3.0)

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