Configuration is available in Magento back-office under:

  • System > Configuration > Catalog > Pimgento > Products settings
Configuration Usage
Attribute Mapping Mapping to import the value of an Akeneo attribute to an other attribute in Magento with a different code (leave empty to map with attribute code)
Default tax class Set up default tax class for websites
Configurable Use the value column to force data for specific attribute. Leave empty to retrieve the value of the first simple product
Import media files Set to “Yes” to import media files
PIM Images Attributes Declare Akeneo attributes to be imported as image attribute
Product Images Mapping Map Akeneo image attribute with Magento small image, thumbnail and swatch image
Import Asset Files Set to “Yes” to import assets
PIM Asset Attributes Declare Akeneo attributes to be imported as asset attribute
Reindex Data Trigger Magento reindex after import
Clear cache Trigger cache clear after import
Cache Selection Select which cache to flush

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