Recurring questions:

Q: Do the imports override my data ?

A: For the moment, yes. If you send a value for a field, it will override the previous value for this field. However, Akeneo data should always be the accurate one!

Q: Is PIMGento compatible with…?

A: If you want to check the compatibility of the module you can now go to this section.

Q: When PIMGento will be compatible with…?

A: Depending on changes added on Akeneo and/or Magento, PIMGento can be compatible among versions, but be sure compatibility remains our top priority for the module. You can check our up-to-date roadmap if you want to know more about the future of PIMGento!

Q: Does PIMGento can handle multiple websites ?

A: Yes PIMGento can handle multiple websites and multiple stores.

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